Laminated Glass

Your choice for ultimate protection

Life is rather unpredictable. The top concern for all homeowners is how to ensure continued safety and security for their loved ones and property. Unforeseen weather conditions have wreaked a lot of havoc on peoples’ homes in the past. In addition, the spike in air and automobile traffic makes the world we live in today that much noisier.
Given these facts, it’s only smart to practically work towards protecting your interests. Cardinal LG Company offers laminated glass products, which are very useful in building a shield of serenity and security that would not be otherwise achieved using normal or even tempered glass products.

Enjoy continued security, safety and serenity

The commonly used annealed glass is easy to break. Tempered glass, though stronger, can also be shattered by applying great force. Laminated glass is much stronger, and if broken at all, behaves very differently. It has a vinyl interlayer which stays in the frame, allowing the fragments of glass to adhere to it. With this adherence, a stronger barrier against forced entry is provided, since now the glass cannot be cut from just one side. Glasscutters are hence rendered useless.
Laminated glass from Cardinal LG complies with very demanding industry regulations, among them the ASTM FI 233, which is the standard regulating prevention of forced entry as outlined by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). In addition, it complies with UL 972, Underwriters Laboratories guidelines for burglary resistance. Our laminated glass has been customized according to the requirements for all security applications, with the best options available to select from.

Keep out noise from trains, planes and automobiles

Our world grows noisier with each passing day. However, laminated glass provides a welcome and effective way of keeping the noise and distractions away from the serenity of your home. Such products are especially recommended for those who live close to industries, airports/fields, high traffic areas as well as any other noisy parts of the state. The ASTM created its Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating system as a way to measure the capability/performance of different materials in isolating sound. Higher STC ratings imply a higher level of sound exclusion capability.

Using laminated glass improves your window and/or door’s STC rating, which reduces the penetration of unwanted sound from external sources. If used in combination with our insulating glass (IG) units, you enjoy even greater enhancement in your acoustic exclusion. For maximum sound exclusion, use double laminated IG units.

Keep your home protected from fading

Furniture, fabrics and other material in the home may fade and/or become discolored in time following continued exposure to the sun’s rays as they enter the house. This fading potential of solar energy passing through glass may be calculated using a measure defined as Damage Weighted Transmission (Tdw). Clear, single-pane glass having a Tdw measure of 0.84 will allow most of the visible solar energy including UV rays into a room, hence offers little by way of protection. Conversely, laminated glass is capable of blocking entry of more than 95% of harmful UV rays without affecting entry of visible energy rays.

It has a composite Tdw measure of 0.66, which offers double the protection afforded by common glass, and this is done without affecting the amount of sunlight your indoor plants would receive.

Resistant to intense impact

When hurricanes and/or windstorms occur, it’s not uncommon to have wind-carried debris. This loose debris may be hurled at your glass windows or doors in the process of continuous, raging winds. Laminated glass from Sea-Storm® has been crafted to absorb a large degree of impact resistance whilst maintaining structural integrity around the window envelope, even if the glass breaks.