Get 10 Platinum Security Laminate Windows or Triple Pane including of installation

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***At Bear Windows and Doors, products are built according to your specifications. We’re only showing the most prevalent options; many more are available.
The Dual Pane consists of a 1” laminated glass unit, extremely hard to break. The common annealed glass is easy to break. Tempered glass, though stronger, can also be shattered by applying great force. If broken at all, laminated glass behaves very differently: it has a vinyl interlayer which stays in the frame, allowing the fragments of glass to adhere to it. With this adherence, a stronger barrier against forced entry is provided, since now the glass cannot be cut from just one side. Glasscutters are hence rendered useless.

Most Common Configurations

Horizontal Slider
Single Hung
XOX Horizontal Slider
Picture Window
Arch Window

Internal Grids Available

Flat Grid

Most Popular Grid Patterns

Colonial Grid Pattern
Perimeter Grid Pattern
Queen Anne Grids

Color Options

White and Tan are standard (no additional charge).
Optional Colors Available at an Additional Charge

Key features of the Platinum Laminate Series

Includes heavy-duty composite wheels which facilitate smooth gliding of the slider through its track, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Spring-loaded, push button Night Latch which provides for security whilst enabling you to leave the sash moderately open for ventilation purposes

*10 Window special exceptions

United inches = height + width

e.g. 48” height + 36” width = 84 United inches