Frequently Asked Questions

Bear Windows and Doors’ lead time for product manufacturing is typically 10 working days, which is one of the shortest within the industry.
Yes, it’s possible for order delivery periods to be escalated. Such cases are handled individually and weighed on personal merit, so enquire with your representative to get a final word on your own order.
Normal installations are completed within one day. In cases where you’re installing just a single door, the installation may be completed in just three hours. For planning purposes however, it is better to set aside an entire day.
Yes, we have provisions for hauling away the old items following replacement, unless you have made alternative arrangements for this.
We accept payment in form of Cheques, Cash or Credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, VISA or Discover).
Currently we have no arrangements for product financing. Being a manufacturer ourselves, we offer the lowest prices in the market, and hence have no provisions for financing arrangements.

Yes, all our window and door products comply with and exceed all requirement outlines in all utility rebate programs. However, the only disqualification comes when a client chooses specific, non-LoE coated glass, which is not eligible to receive rebates. Unless otherwise requested by the client, all our doors and windows come with standard LoE glass.

Yes, we have a factory showroom located in our manufacturing premises at 7027 Motz Street, Paramount, CA 90723. Please call in advance to book your showroom appointment in order to ensure that you are received by a product representative to guide your visit and answer your questions.

Our product representatives occupy 80% of their workday with external fieldwork, meaning that it isn’t automatic that a representative will be on the premises any time you come in. You can book your appointment by calling us on 1-888-470-2645.